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Bluegrass Barrels: Awesome Gift Idea

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So I am not sure how many women out there read this website, but I figured I would give you women a great valentines day gift idea. Granted, there is absolutely no chance of it shipping in time for Saturday – but really cool to give even if it’s a few weeks late.

A while back my fiancé got me a Barrel from Bluegrass Barrels. I actually mentioned/featured the barrel in my article on Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey, back a few months ago.  This is a great way to keep and age spirits, such as whiskey, bourbon, scotch, tequila…etc. The barrels are handmade in Kentucky, with American White Oak with a medium char on the inside. They have three sizes to choose from between 1 – 3 liters, with a choice between the metal used for the hops that hold the barrel together.

To personalize the barrel, you can put up to two lines of text with a maximum of 10 letters per line. Additionally, these barrels can feature your favorite NCAA logos.

Goto  their site, and order one.

Big Sound, for a Small Apartment, and Low Budget.

A year ago, I purchased two Polk Audio bookshelf speakers from PC Richards in Union Square. Now, you can pick these up from the store for $99/each and they are an amazing deal. They are loud, crisp, and have great range. On top of that, for a little bass, I am using my older Polk Audio 10” subwoofer – which for a small living room is definitely overkill, but it sounds amazing. Between this and the projector, we basically never leave the apartment. Look into these speakers, as they will give you exactly what you are looking for

Polk 2 Way Bookshelf Speakers (MODEL: R150) – $99/each @ PC Richards
Polk 10” Powered Subwoofer (MODEL: PSW10) – $120 @ Best Buy

Holiday Gift Idea: Big Screen Viewing

You work your ass off, you stare at Bloomberg Terminals all day – and than go home to a big screen TV with 60 inches of viewing … That is not what you deserve. I return to my apartment, kickback, turn on the projector and I am looking at full 1080p on a 120 inch screen. Yeah, it is awesome. Luckily, you too can have this and I have listed the details below to get this amazingness. Forget what you heard in the past about picture quality, these things put out pictures comparable to any other TV on the market. Also, since this system is a few years old – you can probably pick this up at your local Best Buy for around $1,000.

Projector: Epson Home Cinema 8350