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JCrew: Abingdon Weekender Bag

If you like me, you have reached the aged of no longer being able to pack clothes for the weekend in a gym bag. Apparently at some point we all need to grow up, and look like an adult, so that’s when I picked up a JCrew Abingdon Weekender Bag. I now use this thing constantly, and a lot of people throw some pretty nice compliments.

The Abingdon Weekender Bag is a great size, which makes it perfect for packing clothes to get away for a few days. It has a an outside pocket, which I usually put all my shaving products, cologne, and stuff. The exterior of the bag is made out of a waxed cotton canvas, which is extremely tough. I literally bump this bag into subway turnstiles, fire hydrants, cars – and no visible damage at all. I chose the Deep Olive color, but the bag also comes in Khaki and Navy.
If you getting ready for the Spring/Summer, aka getting ready for taking the LIRR out to the Hamptons, pick up one of these.



Last night my fiancé gave me one of the coolest gifts ever, the MEN’S VANS® FOR J.CREW SK8-HI REISSUE SNEAKERS. I have been wanting to pick these up from the JCrew Soho shop for a while – but they never had my size. They come in two colors, grey or navy, and for $70.00 a pair you could be as cool as me…

Check them out on the link, www.jcrew.com