Marc Forgione: A True TriBeCa Neighborhood Spot

Last week I headed over to TriBeCa after work to eat at the neighborhood favorite Marc Forgione. The Iron Chef winner, and more importantly New York native, opened up this farm-to-table restaurant in 2008 and has been packing the dinner crowd in since inception.

It’s hard to believe I have not been here before, but then again it could be due to my habit of never leaving a few block radius. The place is really nice, dimly lit, exposed brick, with a rustic decor. If you sit to the back right-side of the restaurant you might have a direct view into the kitchen. They had a nice selection of craft beer, I chose a River Horse and it didn’t disappoint.


We started with their appetizer special which was pork belly with figs and tomatillos. This was excellent, and if it was a mainstay on their menu they might see me walking over to Reade Street more often. Great dish, lots of flavor.

Next up for my entree I had their steak. It was an 8oz 30 day dry aged strip steak with Chanterelles Pommes Fondant and Black Butter Bearnaise. I was actually not too hungry, so for once in my life I was happy the steak was only eight ounces. Prior to eating this steak I have been eating some amazing steaks out in Italy. This was the first steak I ate that wasn’t a Bistecca Florentina – served a bright bloody red inside with nice char on the outside. I asked for the steak to be medium-rare, however it came out medium to medium-well. The steak was still good, but would have preferred it more pink on the inside. Once again, it could have been my perception was off due to my recent trip.

Next time I go back, I think I will try the chicken (another set of words I don’t think have ever left my mouth). I am not the hugest fan of poultry, with exceptions of Charlie Bird and a few other choice places, but I have heard great things about the chicken here. They do the chicken in a large shareable portion, but rumor has it you could get it for one. It is a Bell & Evans Chicken Under a Brick served with potatoes, broccoli rabe and the natural juices.

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