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Littleneck: Clam Shack + Burgers in Gowanus

Last Saturday we headed over to Gowanus for some food at Littleneck on 3rd Avenue. We had a party over at The Royal Palms a few blocks away and figured this would be a great place for the six of us to grab some food prior to exhausting ourselves playing shuffleboard. The place is pretty cool, and really has a Brooklyn Clam Shack vibe, also a great playlist consisting over Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles.

Also, they only take reservations via RESY (which are free) so download the app.


I started with a New Amsterdam New York Amber, which I stuck with all night. They also carried Ithaca Flower Power IPA, Captain Lawrence, Allagash White and some other beers on tap. They also had a full line of Narragansett bottles.

To start we ordered a dozen Kumamoto oysters which were extremely fresh, even the non-oyster matters gave them a try and liked them. They were plump and meaty, perfectly sized and served with the usual suspects of cocktail sauce, horseradish, and vinegar migonette. We also ordered Steamer Clams, Cast Iron Littleneck Clams, and New England Clam Chowder. I didn’t try the chowder as it is not something you can really share, but it got some really good reviews from the table. Some of these aristocrats just got back from Martha’s Vineyard and were comparing the chowder to The Black Dog Tavern. The steamers were okay, served with some clarified butter – nothing to special. The Cast Iron Littleneck Clams were great, and came with a piece of toast smothered in ricotta which made me ordering this a necessity. Highly recommend this dish, clams retained a lot of flavor from the broth. Just happy they were not ‘locally sourced’ from the nearby Gowanus Canal.

Me and the wife decided we would split a Connecticut Lobster Roll (no mayo, just clarified butter) and their Hamburger with cheddar and bacon jam. The lobster roll was good, happy I was able to get this without mayo and have some butter-soaked lobster meat on toasted bread. The burger was actually unreal, I would have never expected a burger from a clam shack to be good – but this was excellent. We ordered this medium-rare, and I put some ketchup and the smoky bacon jam on top of the patty. I haven’t tried many burgers in Brooklyn with the exception of the overly-hyped DuMont Burger (maybe just a bad experience) and Ramen Burger at Smorgasburg, and a few others – but this was the best I have had from the borough. I would travel back to Gowanus just for this burger. For my wife, who doesn’t really eat burgers to love it you know it was good.

Saxon + Parole: Burgers and Bone Marrow

Since before the wedding, I have been promising my buddy Nick we would go grab a burger at Minetta. That didn’t happened, so I rescheduled for after the wedding, and that also didn’t happen. Instead last night we went to Saxon + Parole to try their burger. Being that we were looking to do some damage, I brought my brother-in-law Eddie as he is my consigliere to all things fat.

The night started off with some ball breaking, catching up, followed by the ritual of abuse for me wearing a Patagonia vest, and telling stories that should never be repeated in front of the wives or girlfriends. Sometime during all of this, we ate and drank.

I have always wanted to goto S+P but every time I had a reservation, something came up. My obsession with PUBLIC and The Daily only made that feeling of urgency to go even stronger. Also, there was the time that we chose Balthazar over  S+P, which I still have not let myself live down. For last night’s purposes, it worked out to be a great night as we were all looking for a good burger, and some bone marrow.

To drink I ordered a Boont Amber by California based Anderson Valley Brewing Company. This beer had so much flavor it made the Pacifico I drank earlier that day seem like a Coors Light. This was a great coopery colored ale, with well balances sweetness and bit of a hoppy bitterness. Excellent beer, try it out if you see it on a beer menu.

To start we had a Seafood Tower, and one order of Bone Marrow – which quickly turned into two orders of Bone Marrow. Tower came with clams, mussels, shrimp and their razor-clam egg salad, for $45.00 this is a great way to start the meal. The Bone Marrow on the other hand was my favorite, possibly as great as Minetta Tavern and Toro. So good, that the fat bastard Eddie was using his fingers to scrape up whatever was left in the bone like a fiend with some powder. I could have easily ordered a few more of these, however I was overruled – probably a good thing since my gut was popping out of my Charles Tyrwhitt slim-fit shirt. Not even the Patagonia Vest could hold it back.

Now, to the main event. The whole reason we went out was to go for burgers, and although they had a ribeye special that sounded awesome, we had to go with their dry aged burger. The burger is not only perfectly dry aged, but served with Havarti cheese from Pennsylvania, maple bacon, and a fried egg. This burger is held in high regard in the Burger Community, always falls in the ‘Top Burger’ lists from all the various outlets. I have to say, this was the perfect burger. We ordered this medium-rare, as anything else would be a mortal sin. It was cooked to perfection, with a sunny side up egg sitting on top. I put some of the spicy ketchup on bun, placed it all together and made sure not to squeeze to tight to loose the yolk. First bite, the best burger I have had in a long, long time. The cheese was great, but the bacon was a whole different experience. It was pretty much candy, if they sold this as a stand alone product they would have a line out the door. This very well could have been the best piece of bacon I have had in the 28 years of living on this planet. All together getting the meat, bun, cheese, bacon, and ketchup was life changing. The below picture is not mine (Thanks Village Voice), I happened to have finished my burger to quick to even attempt a picture of the burger. If you are looking for a great burger, believe the hype and head over to Bowery and Bleecker.


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