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PUBLIC: One of the Best Places in Nolita

The other day we were driving around the neighborhood looking for a spot, which is pretty easy in Nolita. While driving up Elizabeth Street we past some of our staple restaurants – Peasant, The Egg Shop, Fonda Nolita (Tacombi), Musket Room… the list goes on. As we passed PUBLIC, we both looked at each other and said how much we missed PUBLIC.

We went to PUBLIC about two years ago when I first moved into the neighborhood – and it is still one of my favorite places to go in New York.

It all started one night when we stopped in to see if there were any open tables last minute, which there weren’t as it was a beautiful spring day and it was busy as per usual. So we went in, asked the host – to which she directed us to The Daily. The Daily was really cool, and I was happy we were able to get a seat and hangout on one of their tufted leather couches, order some small plates and some drinks. This was our first time at The Daily, but definitely not the last.

While hanging out inside the girls couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful it was inside PUBLIC – and they were right. Don’t get me wrong, The Daily is really cool in it’s own way, but PUBLIC is a sight to be seen. Exposed brick, subway tiles, industrial lights, vintage mailboxes, cool candles, and a glass garage door that overlooks Elizabeth Street Gardens. If you took a woman here and didn’t get laid after, you are doing it wrong. I mean, the owners/designers received a James Beard Foundation award for  Best Restaurant Design @ PUBLIC. Those things don’t come easy…

1_thespace 3_main_dining_room

So we all decided we would come back to PUBLIC for dinner. Not feeling like waiting on other people schedules, both Nicole and myself decided screw it – we are going by ourselves.

On that night we walked up the block, and with every step I got more and more excited for this SEVEN-times Michelin Stared dinner. To win anything seven years in a row is impressive, but to win the coveted Michelin Star definitely speaks for the amazing place they manage.

We ordered two specials which included a watermelon salad with feta, and a squid ink pasta dish that was unreal. We also split the octopus, because as you can see by now we are pulpo-addicts. The eight legged creature was served with piquillo pepper purée, warm potato salad, pickled chiles and three herb pistou.

For dinner I was stuck between venison, lamb, and duck. We had recently returned from Spain, and while there I had some excellent venison while dining at El Xalet de Montjuïc, which really put me on a venison kick. Lamb, I had the week before at Il Buco, which was also delicious. Which leaves me to Duck, which the waitress assured me was one of their best dishes. She was right, this was one of the best pieces of duck I have had in a long time. I would even go as far as saying it is up there with Gramercy Tavern, which is a legendary dish to me. I have contemplated on many occasions walking up the block, sitting at the bar and ordering this dish again.


Now about 2 years later, we actually were thinking about doing our wedding at PUBLIC. Yea, we are that obsessed. The space as I mentioned above is absolutely stunning, and the food amazing. We were both so much in love with the place that I considered cutting out some friends and family from the invite list so we can have the wedding there, but unfortunately I was over-ruled.

Since we are not having the wedding here I may have to convince her that we should join the PUBLIC Wine Mailbox Program. As I discussed earlier, there are some vintage mailboxes through out the space. Along with those, some pretty cool keys that unlock them. For $50/per month their Wine Mailbox Program brings you a bottle of wine every month in your very own PUBLIC bronze mailbox. Each artisanal wine from Australia, New Zealand, and around the globe, is hand-selected by Chef Brad Farmerie. But that is not all, you also receive tasting notes, pairings, and sometimes imported food items, and PUBLIC kitchen creations. And, if you thought this deal couldn’t get better – there is more: you will receive invitations to PUBLIC special events and private tastings. Rumor has it, you also receive some special access to their reservation line…


RESY Hits The Hamptons

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This year, and just in time for the summer season, no more worrying about not getting a reservation at the best Hamtons restaurants because our friends at Resy are going live with their services Out East.

If you are willing to pay a small fee, you will now be lucky enough to secure a table at some of the below locations. If you do not already have the app, make sure you download it ASAP! Also, go to for more details

What you have to understand about Sunset Beach is that its famous proprietor, André Balazs, really understands leisure-time. The man produces his own rosé and it isn’t even half-bad. Everything about this place is designed to put you in a happy place, where the sun is setting and you look great and life is beautiful. Go with it.

After years of flux, the team now installed at this well-known Wainscott joint are in it for the long haul. And unless you know that these guys are also behind Charlie Bird and Shuko (Highway was the location of the 2014 Shuko Beach pop-up), among others, the sophistication and nuance of this food might not make sense. It’s fresh and seasonal and, perhaps in a nod to its former diner days, slants comfort. Dig the ricotta toast next to the chicken pot pie. The chef is Justin Finney, who has worked at Nick & Toni’s and Meetinghouse.

Baron’s Cove, the historic motel on the water in Sag Harbor, reopens in 2015 after a massive two-year renovation. An emphasis has been put on subtle, chic touches, like a fireside dining. The restaurant will be an American Grill helmed by Matt Boudreau, formerly the chef at excellent Shelter Island mainstay Vine Street Cafe. Hamptons installation and professional drinker Jay McInerney contributed to the wine list, another sign of great things to come here.

If you’re a grownup, Topping Rose House is the Hamptons restaurant of your wildest dreams. And—with its modern, seasonal, gorgeous menu—it’s easily one of the best restaurants for miles in any direction. Connected to a very proper inn of the same name, if Bridgehampton had a designated executive dining room, this would be it. Lots of regulars appreciate that it’s a short, 15-minute ride from good ol’ HTO.

c/o Maidstone isn’t like other East End restaurants. “Whenever we can,” the proprietors say, “we prioritize the use of organic, locally sourced and seasonally appropriate ingredients. But as dedicated Swedes, there are some things that we simply can’t do without – a Västerbotten pie just wouldn’t taste the same using cheddar. No need to worry though, the Swedish products we import adhere to our good, clean & fair mantra.” Herbs are grown out back. too. Scandanvian Cozy is how they describe the vibe. It’s basically a Volvo, but way sexier.

Scarpetta Beach debuts for the 2015 season at Gurney’s, instantly becoming a heavy hitter restaurant on the East End. The math here is pretty straightforward: it’s a world class restaurant on the beach in Montauk—where, in addition to fresh local seafood, they happen to serve the best spaghetti with tomato sauce in the world.

If Montauk had a summer camp for adults, it would be Ruschmeyer’s, where It’s All Good, Bro (in surfer, not bro, parlance). This season, Eli and Max Sussman, critical darlings in NYC, join the team to run the kitchen. Their menu will be beachy, to be sure, with a Middle Eastern influence on dishes like harissa wontons with charred scallion yogurt. The place is run by Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte of Black Seed and The Smile, two of the hippest, chillest places around. Summertime in Montauk calls for a more high-energy setting, which, the guys deliver in spades.
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